“Leigh was truly invested in helping us with our goal of home ownership. She gave us her full attention and provided us with exemplary service, from scheduling the inspectors to guiding us through the entire escrow process. 

We would absolutely recommend Leigh Ord!”   David N. & Marg W.   Buyers


"Leigh Ord is a great broker who always makes sure that her clients get the best deal possible and that their interests are protected during the contracting period.

Leigh is very personable and the best interest of her clients is top of her priority list.

The whole staff at Century 21 1st Choice Reality is very supportive and on top of things."     Dr. Silke T.   Buyer


“Having purchased and sold six homes over the years, I have to say that Leigh Ord shepherded me though this not always pleasant process with comfort and efficiency beyond my previous experiences.

  1. She intuited my needs (some not obvious to me until she listed them).
  2. Leigh researched the market’s possibilities assiduously, giving me a wide range of choices in sometimes in new areas. 

  3.  Ms. Ord is well informed about funding possibilities (her friends in the mortgage business were made available for chats).

  4. Leigh was very careful to make sure I was informed about the steps involved in the Escrow process.

  5. She meticulously reviewed, word for word, the documents involved in the sale (sometimes finding errors).

  6. She was immediately aware of the potential family issues involved and treated them diplomatically and effectively.      

  7. In the decision making phase, she encouraged me to take time to decide, and it was this phase in which she stayed out of the way!”

     “Generally,  I can say that she made it a positive, happy and exciting experience.

     We had fun and got the job done. You will too!”

    A.J. Mandell, MD

    UCSD School of Medicine